Teaching Gospel Principles

As the gospel doctrine instructor in my ward, I am very grateful for the tremendous help I receive from O le Liahona (Samoan). The articles are a valuable resource for teaching gospel principles.

I also like to read of the experiences and the testimonies of Saints in other parts of the world. It reminds me that I have brothers and sisters who have also been blessed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I look forward to the arrival of the magazine each month. I wish everyone would receive a copy.

Aleni Saulo Fuatimau
Satapuala Ward, Upolu Samoan West Stake

A Cherished Treasure

Of my 14 years in the Church, the past three have been in the United States. During this time I had lost touch with the Liahona (Spanish), and there was a void in my life. Only recently did I discover that I could subscribe to the magazine here.

The Liahona is my compass. It comes in my own precious language, the language I use to relate to my Heavenly Father. Its articles, especially those by the Brethren, touch the deepest part of my being and enlarge my testimony.

The magazine edifies me, feeds my spirit, raises me to noble heights, and persuades me to do good.

I treat each issue like a cherished treasure.

Leda Carolina Sarmiento Schwartz
White Plains First Ward, Suitland Maryland Stake

Lithuanian Convert

I am 41 years old and have been a member of the Church in Lithuania since February 1993. Since joining the Church I have become a new person, even to myself. Although life can be complicated, I feel an internal stability because of my testimony of Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of the Church and its teachings.

As a scientist who had a materialistic approach to life, it was hard for me initially to accept the message shared by the missionaries. I am grateful for their noble work. Now I am a priesthood bearer and serve as a home teacher.

My wife is not a member, but together we organize family home evenings with other members of our branch, the Vilnius 1st Branch. We also have the opportunity to read the Russian-language Church magazine called Liahona.

Gazim Bizhanov
Vilnius, Lithuania