Nate’s Thank-You

By Clare Mishica

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    “What are you doing?” Nate asked his big sister, Jessica.

    “Writing a thank-you to Grandma for my birthday present.”

    “I want to write one too.”

    “You don’t know how to write yet,” Jessica said. “Besides, you write thank-yous to someone who gives you a present, and it wasn’t your birthday.”

    “Oh,” said Nate, rolling his tongue around in his cheek. Then he started to grin. “I know someone I can make a thank-you for. I’ll be right back.”

    A minute later, Nate dumped crayons, markers, and a big sheet of plain white paper on the table.

    “Now what are you doing?” Jessica sighed, moving over.

    “Making a thank-you picture. I can’t write, but I can draw.”

    “Who are you thanking?”

    “It’s a surprise.” Nate picked up a yellow crayon, drew a round sun, and colored it in. Then he used markers to make a red house with two blue windows and a door.

    Jessica peered at it. “I know who that picture’s for. It’s for Dad.”

    “No,” said Nate, smiling. He drew his black cat, Pepper, and the swing hanging from their big oak tree.

    “I bet that picture’s for Mom,” Jessica said.

    “Nope.” Nate picked up a blue crayon. He colored birds flying in the sky, and the pond next to their house.

    “I’m done,” said Jessica, putting her note into an envelope. “Now I have to write Grandma’s address on it and send it.”

    “I’m done, too,” said Nate, coloring a frog by the pond.

    “I bet that picture’s for your kindergarten teacher,” Jessica said.

    “No,” Nate said. “It’s for someone who gives me different things every day. It’s a thank-you picture for Heavenly Father.”

    Jessica smiled. “You’re right, Nate. He does give us all kinds of presents.”

    “Do you think he likes my thank-you picture?”

    “Sure he does. Everyone likes it when you say thank you.”

    Nate smiled. “Help me hang my picture up for Heavenly Father to see. Then I’ll help you mail yours.”

    Illustrated by Julie Young