Spiritual Power

Reading Songdo-ui Pot (Korean) gives me a feeling of incredible spiritual power. The First Presidency Message contains the word of living prophets and helps me stand committed to truth. Articles about Saints around the world living the gospel of Jesus Christ uplift me by the example they set in being obedient and living the commandments. And I am touched by articles about Church members making sacrifices to help their neighbors.

I often quote from the inspired messages in my talks and teaching assignments in the Church. I am grateful for the part the magazine plays in the Lord’s plan for his children.

Oh, Ok Hee
Nong Seong Ward, Kwang Ju Korea Stake

Written Just for Me

Before my conversion, I used to read novels and magazines that did nothing for my spirituality. But following my baptism, I happened to find a copy of L‘Etoile (French) with an article “Come unto Me” that seemed to be written just for me. The Spirit inspired me to read the article several times. Since then, worldly books and magazines no longer interest me.

I read each issue of the magazine, and I especially enjoy the articles and testimonies of Saints all over the world because their testimonies help to increase mine.

I would encourage everyone to read and use the Church magazines to improve their lives and feel of the Spirit.

Bokota B. Louison
Kinsuka First Branch, Kinshasa Zaire Masina District

Twice Blessed

I am originally from Colombia, but currently live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am the only Spanish-speaking member of my ward. Imagine my delight when a Spanish-speaking missionary was assigned to my ward! He not only comes from Colombia, but he also receives—and shares with me—the Spanish Liahona. I feel greatly blessed by my Heavenly Father to be able to read gospel-related articles in my own language.

Ligia Angulo
Dartmouth Ward, Dartmouth Nova Scotia Stake

Valuable Treasure

I am a 21-year-old college student in elementary education. Ever since I was a little girl I have read the Liahona (Spanish), and each message, each story has been a factor in strengthening my testimony. I consider the magazine to be a valuable treasure of light and knowledge. I am so grateful to the Lord for each issue.

I know that my Savior lives, and I can feel the great love he has for me. His love and kindness become more obvious to me each time I hear and follow his voice as it comes to me through the pages of the magazine.

Sandra Maribel López Villarreal
Sabinas First Branch, Nueva Rosita Mexico District