At Your Service

By Tamara Leatham Bailey

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    Have you ever wanted to serve, but felt you were too busy? Life can get hectic with Church activities, club involvement, schoolwork, homework, a job, and social life. Sometimes it may seem there’s no time left over for service. But service doesn’t always have to be a large project. Often the little acts of service mean the most. You might want to try some of these service projects listed here. Most take less than 15 minutes to do:

    • Smile at someone you haven’t met yet.

    • Read a story to a younger sister, brother, or neighbor.

    • Say thank you, with a smile, to a store clerk.

    • Send a postcard to a friend.

    • Give a sincere compliment to someone.

    • Invite someone new to join your group for an activity.

    • Visit a sick friend.

    • Make the bed for someone in your home.

    • Give your dad a hug.

    • Stop by to say hello to a new neighbor.

    • Care for someone’s crying baby so she can enjoy sacrament meeting.

    • Send a short letter to a missionary.

    • Do the chores assigned to you at home without being reminded and without complaining.

    • Pick up the litter after a church meeting.

    • In your prayers, remember someone who you know needs a blessing.

    • Share part of your lunch with someone who has little to eat.

    • Study with someone who needs your help.

    • On a bus or in a meeting, give up a seat for someone who doesn’t have one.

    • Really listen to someone who needs to talk to you.

    • Invite a nonmember friend to your family home evening.

    • Help clean up after a mutual activity.

    • Hold a door open for someone.

    • Spend a few minutes weeding someone’s flower bed—anonymously.

    • Help your younger brother or sister repair toys that have been damaged or broken.

    • Iron a shirt for your dad or brother to wear to church on Sunday.

    • Take a child for a walk to see the sunset.

    • Stay after class to thank your Sunday School teacher for all the work he does for your class.

    • Read the scriptures 15 minutes a day to a younger sibling who is too young to read.

    • Pray for, and listen for, promptings from the Holy Ghost for opportunities to serve.

    Photograph by Steve Bunderson