Family Goal

My family and I appreciate the Liahona (Spanish) because it contains articles for every member of our family. Every day it helps our knowledge and testimonies of the gospel grow.

I say every day because we set a goal to read an article a day. After welcoming my husband home from work, our family gathers in prayer and thanks Heavenly Father for the opportunity to be together again after the various activities of the day. We then ask him to help us better understand the article we have chosen for that day. It is very gratifying to see the effort and enthusiasm that our children bring to this activity.

Susana Mendoza,
Ramona Ward, Hemet California Stake

Real Solutions

We read Der Stern (German) as an entire family, and I save every issue for future reference. The magazine offers real solutions for our problems.

We also enjoy the children’s pages, and our daughter saves all of them.

Ruth Gysler,
Winterthur Ward, Zurich Switzerland Stake

Gives Inspiration

I have been a regular reader of the Liahona (English) since my baptism 10 years ago.

The magazine strengthens my testimony and inspires me as I read of the

Saints in different parts of the world. I sometimes feel as though I am with them in their daily activities.

Alvaro R. Tadia,
Catbalogan First Branch, Catbalogan Philippines District

Help at Just the Right Time

Ever since I was baptized in 1975, I have subscribed to what I consider to be a precious “oracle”—the Liahona (Spanish). The magazine has uplifted me in moments of sorrow and affliction. Often, it has provided the help I needed at just the right time as I have counseled my children and sought to bring them closer to the Savior.

Claudio Navarrete G.,
Limache Ward, Villa Alemana Chile Stake

Great Influence

I want to express my gratitude for the valuable teachings we receive each month in the best of magazines. I’m sure the articles greatly influence the lives of many Latter-day Saints. I know they benefit me.

This year I have been particularly strengthened in my calling as a seminary teacher by reading about the love people have for the gospel in other parts of the world. I’m impressed by reading of teachers who are diligently training the youth of Zion in their sacred responsibilities. The articles about youth are great examples for my students.

Estrella de la Nube Barzallo,
Azogues Branch, Cuenca Ecuador District