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April 1996


First Presidency Message

The Gift of the Holy Ghost—A Sure Compass
By President James E. Faust
Mormon Message
Words of the Living Prophet Insights and counsel from President Gordon B. Hinckley
Resurrection By Robert J. Matthews
His Image in Her Countenance Name Withheld
Remember This Place By Crystal Thomas

Visiting Teaching Message:

Our Daily Bread
Elder Henry B. Eyring: Molded by “Defining Influences” By Gerald N. Lund
Blossoming in the Netherlands By Marvin K. Gardner and Brian K. Kelly
At Your Service By Tamara Leatham Bailey
Sculpture By Amy Jo Jackson
Hope in a Hymn By Annette P. Bowen
Peace on Earth By Elder Robert E. Wells
The Friend
Nephi Receives Great Power


By These Names
By Dorothy Leon
For Little Friends
Friend to Friend A personal message from Elder of the Seventy

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Ponder, Pray, and Listen
By Karen Ashton


Grandma’s Garden
By Alma J. Yates