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May 1996


First Presidency Message

“Be Not Afraid, Only Believe”
By President Gordon B. Hinckley
Of Dreams and Promises By Perla García de Bravo
A Journal of Letters By Laura S. Shortridge
You Are Needed By Elder David B. Haight
“Feast upon the Words of Christ” By Elder Spencer J. Condie
Calm Down By Darrin Lythgoe

Visiting Teaching Message:

“A Mighty Power of Healing”
Slow but Sure By Santiago Márquez Pérez
I Know the Feeling By Aaron Lee Shill
Because of You By Lawrence Heywood
France By LaRene Gaunt
A Burden Made Lighter By Lito B. Legaspi
Not This Cowboy By Thomas Hancock
The Friend
President Gordon B. Hinckley By Janet Peterson
Getting to Know the Prophet


Calendar for Yesterdays
By Debbie Davidson
My Family Tree

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Remembering Jesus
By Karen Ashton


Best Day for Presents
By Margaret Shauers

Making Friends:

Iris JoAnn Alvarado of Ponce, Puerto Rico
By Corliss Clayton