Brothers Can Never Be Burdens

While I was serving as a full-time missionary in Russia, I hurt my knee and had to rest for three weeks. I was not very happy that I could not serve during that time. I also felt bad that I was a burden on others.

For several days, I could not get these thoughts out of my mind. Then my mission president, President Efivov, and his wife brought me the latest issues of the Liahona (Russian). In the article “Brothers” by Sheila Kindred (June 1995), I read the following line: “Brothers can never be burdens.” When I read this, I felt peace and joy.

Thanks for all the work that you do. I also appreciate the wonderful testimonies from all over the world.

Bondarenko Alla Victorovna,
Voskresensky Branch, Ukraine Kiev Mission

A Comfort and a Strength

I have been a member of the Church for six years. Since I joined, I have had many trials. At times I have felt down and depressed, but I have asked for God’s help so that I will not depart from the truth I’ve embraced.

One source of comfort and strength during the hard times has been the Liahona (English). When I read the Liahona, my spirit grows and my testimony is strengthened. It helps me to be optimistic about life, despite the difficulties. I am very grateful for this magazine. The more I read, the more I gain.

Mary Jane Quijano,
Paglaum Village Ward, Bacolod Philippines Stake

How I Found the Time to Read

Some time ago, my husband and I subscribed to A Liahona (Portuguese). After receiving several issues, I still hadn’t read a single one. It was hard to find time to read because I work away from home, and when I get home I have many chores to do.

I finally found a way to make time to read A Liahona. I carry it with me when I go to work and read it at the bus stop, on the bus, and when I have breaks at work.

I feel the Spirit of the Lord much closer to me now. This marvelous compass has done much good in my life.

Renilce A. C. L. de Moraes,
Araucaria Ward, Curitiba Brazil Novo Mundo Stake

Thanks from Hungary

I would like to express thanks for the Hungarian-language magazine, the Liahona, and for the children’s pages, the Csillagocska (Little Star). We like reading articles about the prophets and about Latter-day Saints in other parts of the world.

The Bödö Family,
Budapest, Hungary

Unity with Members

I love the Russian edition of the Liahona. This magazine helps me to be in touch with members of the Church all over the world and to feel unity in faith and spiritual support.

Vera Terekhova,
Vasiliostrovsky Branch, Russia St. Petersburg Mission