As I grew up, I heard the testimonies of many members and especially of my mother. I asked my mother how I could gain my own testimony, and she encouraged me to read the scriptures and the Tambuli (now Liahona).

From then on, I tried my best to read the scriptures and the Church magazines. Doing so has helped me to have faith and doubt no more. Also, I now desire to go on a mission when I reach the age of 21.

Carpio Dhareen,
Placer Branch, Philippines Cagayan de Oro Mission

Words of the Prophet

I am very grateful for A Liahona (Portuguese), which brings me the words of the prophet every month. It also helps me know more about the Latter-day Saint youth throughout the world.

Felipe Cordeiro da Rocha,
Varzea Branch, Jundiai Brazil Stake

Current Events

I love to read the Liahona (English) because it contains many guidelines for righteous living. I also enjoy the articles, the stories, and the messages with beautiful photographs and illustrations. I like learning about the many members from different countries and to know we are united with one faith, one Lord, and one baptism. Learning about them gives me power to face all the trials that I encounter.

I consider the Liahona to be a monthly collection of current events that anchors my faith and instructs me for my own profit and learning. This magazine is a delight.

V. M. Derecho Jr.,
Lucban Second Branch, Philippines San Pablo Mission

A Light to My Path

A Liahona (Portuguese) is a marvel, even a miracle, in my life. It always lights my path in this journey here on earth, which is great, but still full of many challenges.

The messages from A Liahona are true balms for the soul. They strengthen my testimony, my faith, and awaken hope, which sometimes is a little asleep in a corner of my soul.

Two messages I particularly enjoyed were “Our Strengths Can Become Our Downfall” (Elder Dallin H. Oaks, May 1995) and “That Ye Not Be Offended” (Perry M. Christenson, October 1995).

I thank you for these and other messages, which light my path.

Valéria Cristina de Souza Ferraz,
Rio Doce First Ward, Olinda Brazil Stake