Nephi son of Nephi gets records

Nephi, the son of Helaman, gave the sacred records and scriptures to his son Nephi. 3 Ne. 1:2–3

Signs before Christ's birth

The Nephites saw great signs and miracles that had been prophesied would happen before Jesus Christ’s birth. 3 Ne. 1:4

Some unbelievers mocked believers

Some Nephites said that the time had passed for his birth. They mocked those who believed Samuel the Lamanite’s prophecies. 3 Ne. 1:5–6

Believers were sad

The people who believed in Jesus Christ and in the prophets were sad to think that something might prevent the prophecies from being fulfilled. 3 Ne. 1:7

People watched for a night with no darkness

The people watched faithfully for a night with no darkness, one of the signs that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. 3 Ne. 1:8

Non believers were ready to kill believers

Those who did not believe in Jesus Christ chose a day when all who believed would be put to death if the sign had not come. 3 Ne. 1:9

The wickedness of the people made Nephi very sad

Nephi was very sad because of the wickedness of those who did not believe in the Savior. 3 Ne. 1:10

He prayed all day

Nephi prayed all day for the people who were to be killed. 3 Ne. 1:11–12

The Lord told Nephi He would be born on the morrow

The Lord told Nephi, “Be of good cheer; for … on this night shall the sign be given, and on the morrow come I into the world.” 3 Ne. 1:13

There was no darkness

That night the sun went down, but there was no darkness! The sign of Jesus Christ’s birth had come. The people were astonished. 3 Ne. 1:15

Non believers fell to the earth

Those who had planned to kill the believers fell to the earth as if they were dead. 3 Ne. 1:16

They were afraid

They were afraid because they had been wicked. They knew that now the Savior would be born and that the words of the prophets were true. 3 Ne. 1:17–18

It was light all night

It was light all night. When the sun came up the next morning, the people knew that Jesus Christ would be born that day. The prophecies were fulfilled. 3 Ne. 1:19–20

A new star appeared

A new star appeared in the sky, just as the prophets had said that it would. 3 Ne. 1:21

Most people believed

Satan tried to make people not believe in the signs that they had seen, but most of the people did believe. 3 Ne. 1:22

Many were baptized

Nephi and other Church leaders baptized all those who believed and repented. 3 Ne. 1:23

Jesus had been born

There were glad tidings in the land because the words of the prophets had been fulfilled. Jesus Christ had been born. 3 Ne. 1:26

[illustrations] Illustrated by Jerry Thompson