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October 1996


First Presidency Message

The Doorway of Love
By President Thomas S. Monson
The Pocketknife Name withheld
A Positive Note By Jana Bryner
All in the Family By Laury Livsey
A Book for Eveline By Teresa Wolf
A Shield against Evil By Clyde J. Williams

Visiting Teaching Message:

Run with Patience
The Miracle of My Conversion By Germaine Emilie Auchatraire-Gay
Before the Dawn By Lito Bañez Legaspi
How to Prepare for a Mission By Casey Null and Aaron Randall Buhler
Mormon Message
Ghana: A Household of Faith By Don L. Searle
We Believe … By Douglas J. Vermeeren
The Friend
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder Han In Sang of the Seventy, by Rebecca M. Taylor

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Honest and Truthful at All Times
By Karen Ashton
For Little Friends By Lydia W. Wardell
Church Words and Phrases By Laura S. Shortridge


Walking Alone
By Ann Crowder Herrick
The Signs of Christ’s Crucifixion