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November 1996


First Presidency Message

Strength through Obedience
Thomas S. Monson
“Don’t Throw That Book Away!” Aparecida Gimenez de Oliveira Passos
“Behold, I Am Jesus Christ”
Just One Student Beatriz Ester Pérez Cortés
The Spirit of Elijah Gordon B. Hinckley
A Marvelous Work Marcelino Fernández Rebollos Suárez
Time to Repent Christopher Chetwynd
I Can Do All Things through Christ
Keeping the Peace Tamara Leatham Bailey
Hold On! James M. Paramore
Under the Afghan Jan Murray Smith
Puerto Rico’s Joyful Saints LaRene Porter Gaunt
The Miracle of Jenni Victor W. Harris
The Friend
Let the Word Fill Your Hearts L. Tom Perry
Sharing Time: Tithes and Offerings Karen Ashton
For Little Friends By Rozann W. Thoelke
Suitcase Full of Love Rachelle Pace Castor
Lehi’s Journey to the Promised Land Diane Decker
Henrik Amundsen of Lillestrøm, Norway DeAnne Walker