Getting the Liahona into Every Home

A few years ago, the Liahona contained a letter describing my return to the Church and reporting that our branch was meeting in a large shed on my property. In time, our branch rented a house, and this year we rented a larger one. Recently, we acquired the ground for a meetinghouse.

I am the magazine representative for the branch, and my goal is to get the Liahona (Spanish) into every home. As we read it, we are strengthened, and we find the answers to many problems. The messages from the First Presidency are especially encouraging in our times of tribulation.

Virginia de Laurino,
Gobernador Gálvez Branch, Rosario Argentina Stake

Sixty Years of Light

The Norwegian magazine, Lys over Norge, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. It began in 1937, and we Norwegian Latter-day Saints were very proud to have a Church magazine in our native language.

Originally, the magazine was a small twice-monthly, 12-page bulletin published by the mission. We read it, saved it, and read it again.

During World War II, it became a monthly periodical; and for those of us living in the north, it was our only connection with Church headquarters.

Later the Norwegian magazine came to include the same interesting articles as all the International Magazines. For the last ten years, I have had the pleasure of editing the local news section, Kirkenytt.

I have saved every issue for 60 years. I can look back and read about the many members and missionaries who have been in Norway. Many of these friends have returned as missionary couples, mission presidents, regional representatives, temple presidents, ambassadors, or tourists.

We are grateful to have a periodical in our own language. It is truly a light that helps us to be faithful to the covenants we have made with our Father in Heaven.

Asmund H. Hernes,
Oslo Second Ward, Oslo Norway Stake

Serving and Growing

After my baptism in 1994, I told my Heavenly Father that I desired to be useful to him and that I would serve in our branch as best as I could. In 1995, I was called to serve as the branch president.

Sometimes my tasks are hard, and there have been many challenges, especially during my first months of service. But when I kneel down and ask Heavenly Father for his help, he never denies me his support.

Michele Bartoli,
Lecce Branch, Italy Catania Mission

A Great Help

Thank you so much for printing the article “Leave It Alone” (September 1995). This article has helped me be a better example at my new school where I am one of only a few Church members. I have started reading the scriptures and praying more often, and I have found prayer and scripture study to be a great help in my life.

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