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February 1997


First Presidency Message

“What Hath God Wrought through His Servant Joseph!”
Gordon B. Hinckley
A Trip to the Temple Julia Hardel
A Mighty Change in Mongolia Mary Nielsen Cook
Faith in Every Footstep Robert L. Backman
Faith in Every Footstep K. Newell Dayley
Seeking the Best Gifts Relief Society General Presidency
Questions and Answers
Resources for New Teachers Patricia P. Pinegar
A Purpose to Our Trials Edimar Botelho Superti
A Legacy of Faith R. Val Johnson
It’s No Secret—Share the Good News! Marisa Whittaker Humphrey
Aitutaki Teens Marjorie Humphreys and Jeanette Waite Bennett
“A Joyful Meeting” Juan Aldo Leone
The Friend
Jesus Christ Blesses the Children
Friend to Friend Ruth Liljenquist and Augusto A. Lim
Natalie’s Promises Jamie Macomber
Fun Page By Elizabeth Wisz
Cumorah Treasure Sherrie Johnson
Sabbath Memory Box Paula J. Lewis
Sharing Time: My Gospel Standards Karen Ashton