Wise Counsel

When we read the First Presidency Message in the June 1996 Liahona (Spanish), entitled “Four Simple Things to Help Our Families and Our Nations,” we were amazed at the words of our prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley. The article made us think about our inconsistent activity in the Church and how, without realizing, we had been leading our family down the wrong road. The message helped us to renew our commitment to the values our leaders have asked us to have. We feel full of energy and faith after reading President Hinckley’s wise counsel.

Fernando and Eva Ocumare,
Mendoza Ward, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Oriental Stake

Gospel Opportunities for Youth

I am 17 years old, and I often feel that the Lord is pouring out his Spirit to the youth of the Church throughout the world. He has given us many opportunities to grow, including providing us with the seminary program, youth conferences, Young Women camp, and the International Magazines. I testify that each one of us is a child of God and that he loves us very much.

Rutsu Taneoka,
Machida First Ward, Machida Japan Stake

Inspiring Messages

With one of my daughters, I was baptized a member of the Church on 25 July 1993. One of my other daughters, however, listened to the missionary discussions with us but was not baptized. She later took the discussions again but still was not baptized. I eventually decided to give her a subscription to the Liahona (Spanish). This added help opened the way for the Spirit to witness to her, and a few months later she was converted. Now I wait eagerly for the messages that inspire and uplift the spirit.

Mireya Josefina Almea de Rodriguez,
Bolívar Branch, Barcelona Venezuela Stake

Great Value

The Liahona (Spanish) is of great value to me. The first thing I do after I receive it is read the First Presidency Message and apply it to my life. I also read the personal experiences of other members.

Another excellent part of the magazine is Questions and Answers. The answers in the February 1996 issue to the question “Is There Anything Wrong with Watching Television Soap Operas?” provided helpful guidance for me and my family.

There is nothing more important in my life and nothing that gives me more peace and joy than the gospel of Jesus Christ and my activity in his true church.

Carlos Arturo Durán Rojas,
Real de Minas Ward, Bucaramanga Colombia Stake