New Testament People

Match each person with his or her description. Then check your answers by reading the references following the description.

1. John the Baptist

A. Physician; writer of one of the Gospels (see Col. 4:14).

2. Lazarus

B. Father of John the Baptist; struck dumb by an angel for not believing that he was to have a son (see Luke 1:5–7; Luke 1:11–13; Luke 1:18–22; Luke 1:57–64).

3. Luke

C. Persecuted the Church; name changed from Saul (see Acts 8:3; Acts 13:9).

4. Stephen

D. Mother of Jesus Christ (see Luke 1:30–31).

5. Zacharias

E. Raised from the dead by Jesus Christ; brother of Mary and Martha (see John 11:1–3; John 11–14; John 11:38–40; John 11:43–44).

6. Joseph

F. Stoned to death for his testimony of Jesus Christ (see Acts 6:8–9; Acts 7:55–59).

7. Paul

G. First to see the resurrected Christ (see Mark 16:9).

8. Mary

H. Declared that Jesus is the Christ; healed a man in the Savior’s name (see Matt. 16:13–16; Acts 3:1–8).

9. Peter

I. Prepared the way for Jesus and baptized him (see Mark 1:2–9).

10. Mary Magdalene

J. Husband of Mary; a carpenter (see Matt. 1:16; Matt. 13:53–55).

[illustrations] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki