Fun Page

By Janet Peterson

New Testament People

Match each person with his or her description. Then check your answers by reading the references following the description.

1. John the Baptist

A. Physician; writer of one of the Gospels (see Col. 4:14).

2. Lazarus

B. Father of John the Baptist; struck dumb by an angel for not believing that he was to have a son (see Luke 1:5–7; Luke 1:11–13; Luke 1:18–22; Luke 1:57–64).

3. Luke

C. Persecuted the Church; name changed from Saul (see Acts 8:3; Acts 13:9).

4. Stephen

D. Mother of Jesus Christ (see Luke 1:30–31).

5. Zacharias

E. Raised from the dead by Jesus Christ; brother of Mary and Martha (see John 11:1–3; John 11–14; John 11:38–40; John 11:43–44).

6. Joseph

F. Stoned to death for his testimony of Jesus Christ (see Acts 6:8–9; Acts 7:55–59).

7. Paul

G. First to see the resurrected Christ (see Mark 16:9).

8. Mary

H. Declared that Jesus is the Christ; healed a man in the Savior’s name (see Matt. 16:13–16; Acts 3:1–8).

9. Peter

I. Prepared the way for Jesus and baptized him (see Mark 1:2–9).

10. Mary Magdalene

J. Husband of Mary; a carpenter (see Matt. 1:16; Matt. 13:53–55).

[illustrations] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki