Reminders from the First Presidency

The inspired messages of the First Presidency remind us of where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. Learning about brothers and sisters from all over the world has strengthened my testimony. Thank you for the wonderful Liahona (Spanish) magazine. It occupies a very important place in my life and in my home.

Cecilia González,
Mission Viejo Fifth Branch, Santa Ana California South Stake

Examples from Alice Springs

The article “Alice Springs” in the March 1996 Der Stern (German) touched me deeply. I put the issue down several times but kept picking it up again in order to read the article. I wish to thank the young Australian brothers and sisters featured in the article for their example of serving the Lord. I wish all young people continued strength and faithfulness in the Lord’s work!

Gisela Ludwig,
Hohenstein-Ernstthal Branch, Leipzig Germany Stake

Missionary Tool

Before I left on my mission, I gave a colleague a subscription to A Liahona (Portuguese). Three months later she was baptized and today is a faithful member of the Church.

As a missionary, I always try to share something from the magazine with our investigators. They are always interested in the articles, and they feel the Spirit very strongly. The magazine is a great missionary tool—if we will use it.

Elder Gevezier,
Brazil Recife Mission

Continuing Revelation

Reading La Stella (Italian) is a time of spiritual recharging, and I am grateful to our Heavenly Father for continuing revelation and for the inspired words I can read in the magazine.

I am especially thankful for President Gordon B. Hinckley’s article “The Spirit of Elijah” in the November 1996 issue. I love family history work. If we work faithfully, we can feel joy and peace as we unite our families for eternity.

Laura Caliò,
Milano First Ward, Milan Italy Stake