Read the scriptures to identify which Joseph each clue refers to.

  1. 1.

    He saw a vision of Jesus Christ’s visit to the spirit world (see preface to D&C 138).

    Joseph __. __________

  2. 2.

    He was a carpenter (see Matt. 1:16; Matt. 13:55).

    Joseph, husband of _________

  3. 3.

    His father gave him a coat of many colors (see Gen. 48:2).

    Joseph, son of ____________

  4. 4.

    He was a rich disciple who took Jesus Christ’s body and laid it in a sepulchre (see Mark 15:43–46).

    Joseph of _____________

  5. 5.

    He and his brother Jacob were born in the wilderness after their family fled from Jerusalem (see 1 Ne. 7:1–2; 1 Ne. 18:7).

    Joseph, son of ___________

  6. 6.

    He was one of the eight witnesses to the Book of Mormon (see “The Testimony of Eight Witnesses” in the Book of Mormon).

    Joseph _______, _________

  7. 7.

    He translated the record of the Nephites (see Book of Mormon title page).

    Joseph _______, _________

[illustrations] Illustrated by Matthew H. Maxwell