New Strength

When I receive Der Stern (German) and see the beautiful pictures and read the reports and testimonies written by Church leaders and faithful members, I receive new strength for my daily tasks. I also enthusiastically read about the activities other wards have successfully held and think about which ideas we can use in our branch.

After thumbing through the November 1996 issue and reading several articles, I realized again that what the magazine contains comes from the true Church of Jesus Christ. How grateful I am to be a member of this Church.

Hildegard Fuchs,
Stade Branch, Hamburg Germany Stake

Studying the Magazines

During the time I have been serving as a full-time missionary, I have become more interested in studying the Liahona (Spanish). I love the issues we receive monthly.

Several months ago, another missionary gave me a Liahona that was published in 1978. For one month, every night before I went to bed, I read the articles in that issue. It was special to me because it was an issue containing the conference talks.

Since my baptism six years ago, my testimony that this is the true Church has grown day by day.

Elder Jashua Hernández,
Nicaragua Managua Mission

A Journal

When we read Seito No Michi (Japanese), we learn that Heavenly Father loves everyone. We also learn what he expects of each of us.

I try to write in a blank space on each page of the magazine how I felt when I read that particular article. That way, the magazine becomes part of my journal.

Mitsuo Shimokawa,
Hikone Ward, Kyoto Japan Stake