Moroni finished the record

After Mormon died, Moroni was alone. He finished the records that his father, Mormon, had given him. Morm. 8:1, 5

Plates would be taken out of the ground

Moroni knew that the gold plates would one day be taken out of the ground. Morm. 8:16, 32, 34–35

Gold plates tell about Jesus

The words on the gold plates tell us about Jesus Christ. They bear testimony and tell us how to live righteously. Morm. 9:8, 11–12, 27

Wicked Lamanites kill all believing Nephites

The wicked Lamanites killed every Nephite who would not deny Jesus Christ. Moro. 1:1–2

Moroni hid

Moroni would not deny Jesus Christ. He wandered about the land, hiding from the Lamanites. Moro. 1:3

Wrote on the gold plates

Moroni wrote more on the gold plates, especially to the Lamanites of these latter days. Moro. 1:4

The sacrament

He wrote many important things. He told how the sacrament should be blessed. He included the words of the sacrament prayers. Moro. 4, 5


He wrote that if we really want to be baptized, we will repent of our sins and serve Jesus Christ. Moro. 6:1–3

Believe in Jesus

Moroni wanted us to believe in Jesus Christ. He said that everything good comes through Christ. Moro. 10:18, 30

Follow the Savior

Moroni wrote that if we love Heavenly Father and follow the Savior, we may become perfect. Moro. 10:32

Moroni knew he would be resurrected

Moroni knew that after he died, he would be resurrected and would live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Moro. 10:34

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson