Belongs to Us All

After reading the Comment letter from Elder Felix Pankratov, who was serving in the Russia Rostov Mission, in the December 1996 Der Stern (German), I had to write to express my happiness. How happy I am, as an 85-year-old member of the Church, to experience the joy of having had so many prayers answered and of knowing that the Russian people are now receiving this magazine and these testimonies of the truth. I have long hoped that they would. The Church magazines inspire—and now belong to—us all.

Margarete Grau,
Freiburg Ward, Bern Switzerland Stake

His Arms around Me

Some time ago, I received a copy of the April 1997 De Ster (Dutch). As usual, I took a break from my daily chores to start reading this magazine. The cover of the children’s section caught my eye. It portrayed Jesus Christ with a little girl. Although I’m a grown woman and the mother of two children, I desired at that moment to be that little girl—safe in the Savior’s arms.

I couldn’t get that picture out of my mind the entire day. I wanted to put my arms around my own children and let them know I love them. I felt good knowing that they trust me, but it was even better knowing that they trust the Lord.

As I prayed at the close of the day, for a brief moment I felt as if His arms were indeed around me. Inside I felt at peace.

Annelies Prent-Pellis,
Dordrecht Branch, Rotterdam Netherlands Stake

Change of Heart

I have been a member of the Church for more than three years. My life has changed as my heart, like the hearts of many young Russian Latter-day Saints, has become dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are grateful for the support and love we feel by reading the Liahona (Russian).

Karina Vodovozova,
Avtovo Branch, St. Petersburg Russia South District

Our Savior’s Love

I love to read the articles in the Liahona (Spanish), and I also love to see the art on the covers. One particularly impressed me: the cover of the January 1996 issue—a visual representation of Matthew 23:37–39 [Matt. 23:37–39]. I liked it so much that I looked at it for a long time, thinking of the great love Jesus Christ has for us.

Damelis Hernández de Mota,
Pariaguán Second Branch, El Tigre Venezuela District