Joseph Smith

During Joseph Smith’s boyhood, many churches claimed to be true, and he did not know which one to join. JS—H 1:5–10

Studied the Bible

Joseph studied the Bible. In James 1:5, he read, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.” JS—H 1:11–12

He went to pray

Deciding to ask God which church to join, he went into the woods near his home one day to pray. JS—H 1:13–14

Satan tried to stop him

When he knelt there and prayed, Satan tried to stop him. Joseph prayed harder, asking Heavenly Father for help. JS—H 1:15–16

Joseph saw Heavenly Father and Jesus

Joseph saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father pointed to Jesus Christ and said, “This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!” JS—H 1:17

Joseph told to join no church

Joseph asked which church was right and which he should join. He was told to join none of them, “for they were all wrong.” JS—H 1:18–19

Joseph was persecuted

When Joseph told others what he had seen and heard, the leaders of many local churches treated him unkindly and persecuted him. JS—H 1:21–22

Three years later

Three years went by. One night, Joseph prayed to be forgiven of his sins and to know what he should do. JS—H 1:28–29

Moroni appeared

An angel named Moroni appeared and told Joseph about an important book that was written on gold plates. JS—H 1:30–35

Moroni appeared several times

After Moroni went back to heaven, Joseph thought about what he had been told. Moroni appeared to Joseph two more times that night and once more the next morning. JS—H 1:44–47

Joseph found the plates

Later that day, Joseph went to where the plates were hidden. They were near the top of a hill not far from his home. JS—H 1:48–51

The plates were in a stone box

Joseph found a big rock there. He pried up the edge of the rock with a lever and saw the gold plates inside a stone box. JS—H 1:52

Moroni told Joseph to return each year

Moroni appeared and told Joseph not to take the plates then but to return at this same time each year. Moroni gave Joseph instructions each time he went there. JS—H 1:53–54

Joseph translated the gold plates

When Moroni finally let him take the gold plates, Joseph used the Urim and Thummim to translate some of them. JS—H 1:59–62

Scribes helped Joseph

Later, people called scribes helped him. Joseph said in English what was written on the gold plates, and a scribe wrote it down. JS—H 1:67

Book of Mormon published

Joseph took the translated words to a printer, who made them into a book called the Book of Mormon. History of the Church, 1:71–72

It is another testament of Jesus

The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

[illustrations] Illustrated by Robert T. Barrett