Trying to Be Like Jesus

By Corliss Clayton

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    The Sagastume Family

    The Sagastume family of the Antigua Ward, Chimaltenango Guatemala Stake, loves the gospel and tries to be like Jesus Christ by praying to Heavenly Father and by listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

    Works and Faith

    Yvette, age 10, gets up at 4:00 A.M. every day to study for school, which starts at 7:00 A.M. Once, getting good grades seemed impossible to her. “When I used to study, I was never able to remember and understand the things I was studying,” she says. “When I had tests, I’d get very nervous and not remember anything. My father told me that before I study and before taking tests, I should pray. When I follow his advice, I always do better. Before I started praying about my studies, I was never one of the better students in my class. Now I’m in third or fourth place in the whole school.”

    One class was really difficult for Yvette—computers. The computer terminals and commands were all in English, and that made the class hard for her. She didn’t believe she could pass the class, even if she did study, so she didn’t study. She thought that if she just prayed and prayed and prayed, Heavenly Father would help her. But she found out that wasn’t so. She took her test and didn’t pass. She learned she has to study in order for Heavenly Father to help her succeed. After that, she studied and prayed and did much better in computer class. “I have to do my part,” she says.

    Calm under Pressure

    Priscila, age 9, is a very good gymnast. She practices three to four hours after school each afternoon Monday to Saturday and three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon during school vacations. She hopes one day to represent Guatemala in the Olympics. She worries about competing against other girls who are also good gymnasts. “Sometimes I feel very nervous and think I can’t do it and that I am going to fall while doing flips or somersaults,” she says. When she feels that way, she asks her father to give her a blessing. After a blessing, she feels calm and knows that she can do her best. “I have felt the blessing as I perform in the various events,” Priscila says. She is currently in first place in her category in Antigua.

    How would she feel if she had a blessing but didn’t win a competition? “I would still know that Heavenly Father loves me and is helping me do my best,” she answers. She is grateful that all the competitions are on Fridays or Saturdays: “If they were on Sundays, I wouldn’t compete.”

    Peace during Trials

    Francisco, age 8, is sometimes persecuted at school because he is a member of the Church. One day two boys he was playing with started to hit him. One of them hit him very hard on the head. “I didn’t fight with them,” he says, “because I don’t like to fight and I know it is bad. Also something told me not to fight with them. It was the Holy Ghost.”

    The director of the school called in the parents of all three boys to help solve the problem. After the meeting, the director told Francisco’s parents how impressed she was with him for not fighting, for telling the truth, and for setting a good example for the other children. “My friends were punished for what they had done—they couldn’t go out at recess for one or two weeks,” Francisco remembers. He is grateful the Holy Ghost prompted him to do what was right.

    Courage to Testify

    At a fast and testimony meeting, Emanuel, age 5, felt impressed to bear his testimony. He thought, No, I can’t get up and do that. I’d be too frightened! Then he felt as if someone were speaking to him, telling him he needed to bear his testimony. He walked to the front of the chapel. As he did so, he felt calm. When his turn came, he remembered everything he wanted to say and wasn’t at all nervous. It was the first time he had borne his testimony, and it made him very happy.

    [illustration] Story Time in Galilee, by Del Parson

    [photo] Photography by Julie Wardell

    [photos] Yvette Sagastume, age 10; Priscila Sagastume, age 9; Francisco Sagastume, age 8; Emanuel Sagastume, age 5