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November 1998


First Presidency Message

Inspirational Thoughts
Gordon B. Hinckley
Led by the Spirit Ronal Navarro Gutiérrez
City of Light Richard M. Romney
“Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness” Robert J. Matthews
The 100th Sheep James Edward Pedersen
“That I May Heal You”
Building a Successful Marriage
Paul Cox—Preserving God’s Creations Anne Billings
Questions and Answers
Putting the Lord First Linda Van Orden
It’s Your Choice Joseph B. Wirthlin
The Friend
Fire on the Prairie Rebecca Todd
Grateful Heart James E. Faust
Sharing Time: Giving Thanks Sydney Reynolds
For Little Friends By Matthew and Danielle Kennington
Moses Teaches His People Vivian Paulsen
Trying to Be Like Jesus By Natalie Russi Silva
What Does Jesus Christ Want Me to Do? D. J. and Linda Sherwood