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Jan. 1999

Report of the 168th Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

Saturday Morning Session
3 October 1998

Welcome to Conference
Gordon B. Hinckley 
Are We Keeping Pace?M. Russell Ballard 
A Season of OpportunityH. David Burton 
“Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice”Virginia U. Jensen 
Healing Soul and BodyRobert D. Hales 
Think to ThankThomas S. Monson 

Saturday Afternoon Session
3 October 1998

The Sustaining of Church Officers
Parents in ZionBoyd K. Packer 
Cultivating Divine AttributesJoseph B. Wirthlin 
Pearls from the SandE Ray Bateman 
Obeying the Law—Serving One’s NeighborAthos M. Amorím 
Overcoming DiscouragementVal R. Christensen 
A Voice of WarningHenry B. Eyring 
Sustaining the ProphetsDavid B. Haight 

Priesthood Session
3 October 1998

The Aaronic Priesthood and the Sacrament
Dallin H. Oaks 
The Priesthood QuorumD. Todd Christofferson 
“As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord”H. Bryan Richards 
“By What Power … Have Ye Done This?”James E. Faust 
Today Determines TomorrowThomas S. Monson 
To the Boys and to the MenGordon B. Hinckley 

Sunday Morning Session
4 October 1998

Opening the Windows of Heaven
James E. Faust 
Hope through the Atonement of Jesus ChristNeal A. Maxwell 
Small Temples—Large BlessingsDavid E. Sorensen 
Bear Record of HimSusan L. Warner 
The Power of RighteousnessRichard G. Scott 
What Are People Asking about Us?Gordon B. Hinckley 

Sunday Afternoon Session
4 October 1998

Youth of the Noble Birthright
L. Tom Perry 
Personal PurityJeffrey R. Holland 
“Ye Also Shall Bear Witness”Ronald T. Halverson 
Establishing the ChurchEarl M. Monson 
The Living Prophet: Our Source of Pure DoctrineMerrill C. Oaks 
GratitudeGordon T. Watts 
We Are Children of GodRussell M. Nelson 
BenedictionGordon B. Hinckley 

General Relief Society Meeting
26 September 1998

Come, Let Us Walk in the Light of the Lord
Mary Ellen Smoot 

General Relief Society Meeting

Come to Relief Society
Virginia U. Jensen 

General Relief Society Meeting

We Are Not Alone
Sheri L. Dew 

General Relief Society Meeting

Walking in the Light of the Lord
Gordon B. Hinckley 
They Spoke to Us 

News of the Church

Changes in Seventy Leadership