Prayer Puzzles

Mount the puzzle pieces on heavy paper and cut them out. Complete each puzzle by matching its picture to the words that best describe it.

Bow your head when a prayer is given.

Fold your arms during a prayer.

Don’t forget to bless the food.

Kneel by your bed for night and morning prayers.

Remember to have family prayer.

Close your eyes when a prayer is given.

[illustrations] Illustrated by Robyn S. Officer

Who Am I?

See if you can identify each of these people from the New Testament. Check your answers by looking up the scripture references.

Before I was converted to the true Church, I persecuted those who believed in Jesus Christ. After seeing Jesus in a vision, I became His disciple. I traveled for many years as a missionary, preaching the gospel to the Jews and the Gentiles. My first missionary companion was Barnabas. Who am I? (See Acts 9:1–22; Acts 13:2, 9.) _______________

I was the first chief Apostle of Jesus Christ. My brother, Andrew, and I were fishermen. One of the names I am known by means “a stone.” Who am I? (See Matt. 4:18–20; John 1:40–42.) ______________________

Jesus cast seven devils out of me. I became His disciple, and I was the first person to see Him after His Resurrection. Who am I? (See Luke 8:2; Mark 16:9.) ____________________

I had a young daughter about 12 years old who became very ill and died. Jesus came to my home and raised her from the dead. Who am I? (See Luke 8:41–42, 49–56.) __________________________

[illustrations] Engravings by Gustave Doré (1832–1883)