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Abril 1999

La Obra Sigue Adelante Gordon B. Hinckley
Teach Them the Word of God with All Diligence L. Tom Perry
Greed, Selfishness, and Overindulgence Joe J. Christensen
Preparemos A Nuestra Familia Para Asistir Al Templo Carol B. Thomas
Las Manos De Los Padres Jeffrey R. Holland
Esta Es Nuestra Época James E. Faust
El Sostenimiento De Oficiales De La Iglesia Thomas S. Monson
Informe Estadístico 1998 Presentado por E Michael Watson
Arrepintámonos De Nuestro Egoísmo (D. Y C. 56:8) Neal A. Maxwell
Recibe Las Bendiciones Del Templo Richard G. Scott
“De Las Cosas Pequeñas” Stephen A. West
Verdaderos Seguidores Robert J. Whetten
Strengthening Families: Our Sacred Duty Robert D. Hales
The Witness: Martin Harris Dallin H. Oaks
Our Sacred Duty to Honor Women Russell M. Nelson
“Made Like unto the Son of God” Ray H. Wood
Fellowshipping Ned B. Roueché
Priesthood and the Home D. Lee Tobler
Obedience: The Path to Freedom James E. Faust
The Priesthood—Mighty Army of the Lord Thomas S. Monson
The Shepherds of the Flock Gordon B. Hinckley
For I Was Blind, but Now I See Thomas S. Monson
The Bishop and His Counselors Boyd K. Packer
Friendship: A Gospel Principle Marlin K. Jensen
Our Only Chance Sheri L. Dew
Love and Service David B. Haight
“He Is Not Here, but Is Risen” Gordon B. Hinckley
The Power of Teaching Doctrine Henry B. Eyring
Inspired Church Welfare Joseph B. Wirthlin
Welcome Home Keith B. McMullin
Your Name Is Safe in Our Home Cree-L Kofford
Bridges and Eternal Keepsakes Dennis B. Neuenschwander
Like a Flame Unquenchable M. Russell Ballard
Thanks to the Lord for His Blessings Gordon B. Hinckley
Your Light in the Wilderness Sharon G. Larsen
Spiritual Power of Our Baptism Carol B. Thomas
Follow the Light Margaret D. Nadauld
Your Celestial Journey Thomas S. Monson
Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep Gordon B. Hinckley
News of the Church
Sesion Del Sacerdocio
Reunión General De Las Mujeres Jovenes
Sesion Del Sabado Por La Tarde
Sesión Del Sábado Por La Mañana
Sesion Del Domingo Por La Mañana
Sesión Del Domingo Por La Tarde