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June 1999


First Presidency Message

Inspirational Thoughts
By President Gordon B. Hinckley
Raised by a Queen By Joan Porter Ford and LaRene Porter Gaunt
“He Shall Know of the Doctrine” By Elder Kenneth Johnson
Dating at Home By Geok Lee Thong
Questions and Answers
“Great … except for That One Part” By Anya Bateman

Visiting Teaching Message:

Seeking Self-Control
Dream of Service By John Jairo Bustamante
Uniting Blended Families By Elder Robert E. Wells
I Was Her Answer By Elizabeth Quackenbush
“We Don’t Want You Here” By Sam Giles, as told to Christie Giles
I Just Don’t Fit In! By Jeanette Waite Bennett
Helping Youth Feel They Belong By Brad Wilcox
It Started on the Bus By Ereny Rosa A. Silva
The Friend


Samuel’s Scriptures
By Sheila Kindred

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Keep the Commandments
By Sydney S. Reynolds
Lifesaving Lily By Geraldine T. Fielding
Trying to Be Like Jesus Lorenzo Presença, age 10,
Blessing the Food By Fern R. Law