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August 1999


First Presidency Message

Lost Horizons
James E. Faust
Mormon Message
Stand as a Witness Shannon D. Jensen
Cactus Cleanup Shanna Ghaznavi
Words of the Living Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley
The Higher Law Larry E. Dahl
With a Grateful Heart
Latter-day Saint Voices: Called to Serve By Augusto Sánchez
Islands of Light R. Val Johnson
Home Evening Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect Paul J. Rands
Go the Extra Mile Lisa M. G. Crockett
The Friend
Friend to Friend Claudio R. M. Costa
Trying to Be Like Jesus By Elaine Cristina Padilha Sluzarski, age 11,
Interview Lisa H. Fernelius
Temple Preparation Game Marlene Thomas
For Little Friends By Carmen de Hernández
Sharing Time: I Can Keep My Covenant Sydney S. Reynolds
Nobody to Baptize Michael Ellen Johnson