Mary and Joseph

Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth. They were righteous people. They loved each other and were going to be married. Luke 1:26–27

Gabriel visited Mary

One day the angel Gabriel came to Mary. He told Mary that God loved her and would bless her more than any other woman. Luke 1:26, 28–30

Mary would have the baby Jesus

Gabriel told Mary she would have a baby boy, whom she should name Jesus. He would be the Son of Heavenly Father and the King of all righteous people. Luke 1:31–33

Jesus’ father would be Heavenly Father

Mary and Joseph were not yet married; Jesus’ father would be Heavenly Father. Mary said she would obey Heavenly Father and be the mother of Jesus. Luke 1:34–35, 38; 1 Ne. 11:18–21

Illustrated by Paul Mann