Testimony Shape-Up

By Tamara Leatham Bailey

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    Just as your muscles get weak when you don’t use them, so does your testimony. Try these ideas to keep your testimony growing strong all through the year.

    • Befriend a new or less-active member and help strengthen his or her testimony.

    • Read a scripture story that inspires you; then use that inspiration to write a poem or song, to create a sculpture or picture, or to write a letter bearing testimony to a friend.

    • Strengthen your testimony through service. Choose a service project that makes you stretch.

    • Choose uplifting entertainment. Read a classic novel, attend a concert, or go to a museum (see Articles of Faith 1:13).

    • Share your testimony in sacrament meeting or with a family member, friend, or leader. Record it in your journal as well.

    • Share a recent seminary or Sunday School lesson in family home evening.

    • Pull out past issues of the Liahona and catch up on all those articles you wanted to read but never got around to.

    • Willingly help your parents and other family members with a service or family history project.

    • Share the Book of Mormon with a friend.

    Photograph by Jed Clark