Comforted by the Atonement

I feel very grateful for the article “Enduring Well” by Elder Neal A. Maxwell in the April 1999 Liahona (Spanish). It comforts me greatly to feel the cleansing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my own heart. His sacrifice makes it possible for us to be without spot if we repent of our sins.

Jesus Christ knows what desperation, loneliness, and depression are. He passed through all this and more—much more. That’s why He comforts us and gives us the strength we need. I know He lives, He loves us, and He is waiting for us with open arms. I want to return to Him and receive His embrace.

Adela Rojas Guzmán,
Carúpano First Branch, Venezuela Barcelona Mission

“I Turn to the Liahona”

The Liahona (English) is my constant travel companion—as my work requires that I travel all over the Philippines. Alone in a hotel room, instead of watching television, I turn to the Liahona and feel the comforting presence of the Holy Ghost. Reading through the messages of our Church leaders and the narratives and testimonies of members inspires and revitalizes me. I know my family and I are all safe and secure because our Father in Heaven and our Savior are looking out for us.

Julie B. Odra,
Masagana First Branch, Antipolo Philippines Stake

Worth the Sacrifice

I just finished reading the address by President Gordon B. Hinckley in the general Relief Society meeting, printed in the January 1999 Liahona (Spanish). President Hinckley addressed the women of the Church and the world. I couldn’t help but be moved by the powerful spirit his words communicated. I have no doubt that he is a prophet of God.

As I have read the letters my son writes home each week from the Brazil Belo Horizonte East Mission, I have realized that I never could have imparted to him the important teachings he is receiving from the Lord through his experiences and through the guidance of his mission president. On several occasions I have felt that my son’s growth in the mission field greatly exceeds any effort or sacrifice required to pay for his mission. The prophet’s counsel that every worthy young man serve a mission has certainly been beneficial in our family.

Adolfo Alberto Jeeves,
Assunção Second Branch, São Bernardo Brazil Rudge Ramos Stake