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A Beautiful Tapestry

By Ann Jamison

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    “And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments” (1 Jn. 2:3).

    A tapestry is a beautiful picture made of yarn or thread. Weavers make tapestries by weaving weft (side-to-side) threads through warp (up-and-down) threads.

    Your life is like a beautiful tapestry. The experiences of your life are the warp threads of your tapestry. Even though you may not be able to choose all of the experiences you will have, you can choose how you will respond to them. Your choices make up the weft threads of your life’s tapestry. The gospel of Jesus Christ can be the pattern you follow as you make choices. Jesus gave us that pattern when He said, “Come and follow me” (Matt. 19:21).

    Each day, you choose the weft threads that you weave to make your tapestry beautiful. “My Gospel Standards” can help you make good choices to weave into your tapestry (see My Achievement Days booklet; The Friend, April 1999, 8–9).

    Suppose your family has just moved to a new town. One gospel standard reminds you, “I will seek good friends and treat others kindly.” So should you wait for someone to find you—or should you smile, be friendly, attend church, and look for good friends? Weaving every gospel standard into your tapestry will bless your life. When you keep these standards, you are following Jesus and remembering Him. You are keeping your baptismal covenant.


    1. Mount page 5 on heavy paper, and cut out the weft “threads” along the black lines. To make warp “threads,” carefully measure and draw a 1.5-centimeter border around a 21 centimeter x 23.5 centimeter piece of construction paper (see illustration 1).

      Gospel tapistry
    2. Fold the paper in half with the two shorter sides together and cut from the fold to the top border along the right and left border lines. Then make a cut every 3 centimeters, from the fold to the top border (see illustration 2). Unfold the paper.

      How to make the tapistry
    3. Beginning at the upper left corner of your tapestry, weave weft thread number 1 under then over the warp threads. For weft thread number 2, weave over then under the warp threads. Keep alternating the weaving pattern as you finish the tapestry (see illustration 3). The warp threads should cover all the blank spaces of the weft threads. Use tape or glue on the back of the tapestry to secure each strip.

    How to make the tapistry How to make the tapistry
    How to make the tapistry

    Illustrated by Richard Hull, Phyllis Luch, and Beth Whittaker

    “My Gospel Standards” help me keep my baptismal covenant

    I will remember my baptismal covenants and listen to the Holy Ghost.

    I will be honest with Heavenly Father, others, and myself.

    I will seek good friends and treat others kindly.

    I will dress modestly to show respect for Heavenly Father and myself.

    I will only read and watch things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.

    I will only listen to music that is pleasing to Heavenly Father.

    I will use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus reverently. I will not swear or use crude words.

    I will keep my mind and body sacred and pure, and I will not partake of things that are harmful to me.

    I will do those things on the Sabbath that will help me feel close to Heavenly Father.

    I will choose the right. I know I can repent when I make a mistake.

    I will live now to be worthy to go to the temple and serve a mission. I will follow Heavenly Father’s plan for me.

    Sharing Time Ideas

    1. “I will use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus reverently. I will not swear or use crude words.” Divide the children into four groups; assign each group part of this standard. Have each group repeat their words—first, in order; then, from the last group to the first. Ask several children how their parents chose their names. Say their names with varying voice inflections—excitement, annoyance, love, and so on. Ask how hearing their names said different ways made them feel. Display several names of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Remind the children that they are keeping their baptismal covenant as they speak reverently of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and never swear or use crude words.

    2. “I will only read and watch things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.” Show the children a paper bag (with the scriptures inside) and a beautifully wrapped gift box (with garbage inside). Ask which they would choose; let them open the packages. Discuss why they chose as they did. Read Moroni 7:12–19, and discuss the standard for judgment Mormon gives us. Have the children list the books and magazines they have read lately and the programs and movies they have watched. Have each child circle those that would be pleasing to Heavenly Father. Suggest that they discuss their lists with their parents.