Using the September 2000 Liahona

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    Are you looking for a story or quotation for a talk, class, family home evening lesson, or seminary devotional? You might find some helpful ideas in this issue of the Liahona.

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    • “‘Pray for Your Enemies,’” page 8: Think of someone who has offended you. How would you be blessed by praying for him or her? How could he or she be blessed?

    • “Members Are the Key,” page 12: Discuss ways you could fellowship a specific individual or family in your ward or branch.

    • “Uncle Jack’s Most Important Aid,” page F6: If appropriate, share with family members an experience in which a prayer was answered.

    • “Exactly on Time,” page F16: What assignments could members of your family be given to enhance family unity?

    [photo] Photo illustration by Steve Bunderson