Masha Zemskova an Inspiration

I can’t describe how happy A Liahona (Portuguese) makes me. One of the parts I like to read most is the children’s section, The Friend. I am amazed by the testimonies and experiences of such small but special children.

I am writing to thank you for the Making Friends article about Masha Zemskova, a young girl in Russia, in the October 1999 issue. In the mission field, I have tried to teach, strengthen, and render assistance wherever I can. At times, however, I don’t feel that I’m helping or I feel that the help I offer has no effect, and my heart aches. I was in the middle of such feelings when I read about Masha. Each line gave me strength to continue my work.

Elder Lourenço Ferreira Da Silva,
Brazil Brasília Mission

Inspirational Illustrations

How thankful I am for the wonderful pictures in the Liahona (German). Sometimes I am troubled so much that I don’t have the strength or concentration to read. But the beautiful illustrations in the Liahona are always a source of strength and inspiration.

Hazel-Rose Lankmayer,
St. Johann-Pongau Branch, Salzburg Austria Stake

A Liahona Written to Me

My parents have always encouraged me to read A Liahona (Portuguese), but I never did until I moved away to go to college. Being on my own made me think about my priorities. I decided then that I would start reading A Liahona each month from cover to cover. When I received the first issue, there were moments when I felt that what I was reading had been written specifically to me. The words were encouraging and inspiring. I felt the Holy Ghost testify of their truthfulness. From that day on I have waited with great anticipation for the arrival of every issue.

Evelyn Monteiro Lee Hin,
Barão Geraldo Ward, Campinas Brazil Castelo Stake

Prophet’s Voice Strengthens Testimony

My life has been greatly blessed by the wonderful teachings and counsel I have read in the Liahona (Tongan). I read it myself, and then I share what I have learned with my family. I know that my testimony would be weak if I did not listen to the voice of the prophet.

Mele K. Peni,
Reno Fourth (Tongan) Ward, Reno Nevada North Stake