I Can Be a Missionary Now!

By Corliss Clayton

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    As you play this game, you will learn some things you can do to be a missionary now and to prepare for a mission later on.

    1 Open the magazine and place it where all the players can see the game board.

    2 Have each player put a button or another small object on START. Then have the first player roll a die and move his or her playing piece that many spaces, following the hand directions.

    3 If a player lands on a mission-preparation space, have him or her read about how to prepare for a mission and then take another turn. If a player lands on a space with a picture of missionaries, the player must think of and tell about another activity that will help him or her prepare for a mission—and then take another turn.

    4 Remember, on a mission you should never go anywhere without your companion. So whoever finishes the game first keeps taking his or her turn and helps another player reach FINISH. Continue the game until all players have finished.


    Illustrated by Mark Robison

    Pray for the missionaries.
    Study the scriptures.
    Save money.
    Invite a friend to Primary.
    Learn to cook.
    Family Rules
    1. Make beds
    2. Brush teeth
    Obey family rules.