John the Baptist killed

Some friends of John the Baptist came to Jesus and told Him that John had been killed. He had been killed because he told the king to repent. Matt. 14:1–12

5,000 people went to hear Jesus

When Jesus heard this, He went to be alone. Many people knew He was there and went there too, hoping He would teach them. More than 5,000 people went to hear Him. Matt. 14:13; Mark 6:44

It was time to eat

After He had taught them, it was time to eat, and most of the people did not have any food. His disciples wanted the people to go to the villages, where they could buy food. Matt. 14:15; Mark 6:36

A boy brought five loaves and two fish

The Savior, however, told the disciples to see if anyone had brought food. They found a boy who had five loaves of bread and two small fish. Matt. 14:16–17; Mark 6:37–38; John 6:9

Jesus blessed the food

Jesus told all the people to sit down. Then He blessed the bread and the fish and divided the fish and broke the bread into pieces. Matt. 14:18–19; Mark 6:39–41

Everyone was fed

When the disciples gave the food to the people, there was more than enough for everyone! Matt. 14:20–21; Mark 6:41–44

Illustrated by Paul Mann