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January 2002

Report of the 171st Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Saturday Morning Session 6 October 2001

Living in the Fulness of Times
Gordon B. Hinckley
Sharing the Gospel Dallin H. Oaks
Building a Bridge of Faith Charles Didier
It Is Not Good for Man or Woman to Be Alone Sheri L. Dew
Prayer Henry B. Eyring
The Atonement: Our Greatest Hope James E. Faust

Saturday Afternoon Session 6 October 2001

The Sustaining of Church Officers
James E. Faust
Faith of Our Prophets David B. Haight
One Step after Another Joseph B. Wirthlin
“Help Thou Mine Unbelief” L. Whitney Clayton
Our Father’s Plan Christoffel Golden Jr.
Writing Gospel Principles in Our Hearts Walter F. González
“Like a Watered Garden” Jeffrey R. Holland
Doctrine of Inclusion M. Russell Ballard

Priesthood Session 6 October 2001

Fulfilling Our Duty to God
Robert D. Hales
Our Duty to God Cecil O. Samuelson Jr.
Gratitude Steven E. Snow
Create or Continue Priesthood Links Keith K. Hilbig
“Some Great Thing” James E. Faust
Duty Calls Thomas S. Monson
Reaching Down to Lift Another Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday Morning Session 7 October 2001

Now Is the Time
Thomas S. Monson
The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ Boyd K. Packer
Standing Tall H. David Burton
“Fear Not: For They That Be with Us Are More” Sharon G. Larsen
“Set in Order Thy House” Russell M. Nelson
The Times in Which We Live Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday Afternoon Session 7 October 2001

The Returned Missionary
L. Tom Perry
The Seventh Commandment: A Shield Neal A. Maxwell
“The First and Great Commandment” Robert F. Orton
Our Actions Determine Our Character Wayne S. Peterson
Beware of Murmuring H. Ross Workman
The Power of a Strong Testimony Richard G. Scott
“Till We Meet Again” Gordon B. Hinckley

General Relief Society Meeting 29 September 2001

Steadfast and Immovable
Mary Ellen W. Smoot

General Relief Society Meeting

Stand Firm
Virginia U. Jensen

General Relief Society Meeting

Are We Not All Mothers?
Sheri L. Dew

General Relief Society Meeting

“Be Thou an Example”
Thomas S. Monson
They Spoke to Us
Teachings for Our Time, 2002
Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meetings
General Auxiliary Presidencies
News of the Church By Barbara Jean Jones