Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in Old Testament times? Actually many things then were not much different from how they are now. For instance, families were important both then and now. People met together then to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ as we do now.

In this game, one player represents Old Testament times (Then); the other player represents modern times (Now). Each will need three small markers such as buttons, coins, or beans. Have the Then player place his or her markers on the three circles on the left with Old Testament symbols. Have the Now player do the same on the three circles on the right with modern symbols. On each turn, a player may move one of his or her markers one circle. Players may not jump over a marker to get to an open circle but must wait until a circle opens up. Markers may be moved in any direction along a line. The first player to get all three markers to where the other player’s markers were originally wins the game.