Gifts from the heart are far more valuable than anything you could ever buy. They often take more energy, thought, and sacrifice, so they mean more to both the giver and the receiver. Here are some ideas for priceless gifts you can give this Christmas.

  • Give the gift of yourself to your family and loved ones. Spend the day doing kind things for your parents and siblings. You could make breakfast, help wrap and deliver presents, or clean up after dinner.

  • Give your parents a break. Spend some time looking after your younger brothers and sisters during the Christmas holiday.

  • Volunteer at a local food bank or shelter, or help with some other worthy cause.

  • Visit someone who is sick or elderly. Ask him or her to tell you about a past Christmas.

  • Express your love and gratitude for the Savior in your prayers.

  • Christmas is a time for peace. Try to resolve differences with someone you don’t get along with very well.

  • You can also encourage peace by not quarreling with your siblings. Try to treat your family as well as you possibly can.

  • Write a letter to your parents thanking them for the things they have done for you.

  • Write letters to full-time missionaries from your ward or branch to encourage them and to let them know you remember them in your prayers.

  • Make your brother’s or sister’s bed without letting anyone know who did it.

  • Baby-sit for free so parents can enjoy an outing to a Christmas concert, attend the temple, or spend time together.

  • Read the Christmas story to a younger brother or sister, and teach them about the Savior (see Luke 2).

  • If you’ve saved some money by giving free gifts this Christmas, you can pay a generous fast offering next month.

Photo illustration by Steve Bunderson