Using the December 2002 Liahona

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    Family Home Evening Ideas

    • “A Testimony of the Son of God,” page 2: Read portions of President Gordon B. Hinckley’s testimony of the Savior and bear your own testimony. Then invite other family members to express their testimonies.

    • “The Testimony Which I Have Given Is True,” page 44: Joseph Smith was born on 23 December 1805. Present a lesson about his life. Then read Lucy Mack Smith’s testimony of her son’s prophetic calling, and bear your own testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

    • “Paying Tithing,” page 46: Ask family members to list ways the Church uses our tithing. Explain that the world and everything in it are the Lord’s and He could provide for the financial needs of His Church in other ways. Ask what benefits we gain from obeying the Lord’s command to pay tithing.