Using the January 2003 Liahona

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    Discussion Ideas

    • “The Way of the Master,” page 2: Share a story President Thomas S. Monson uses to illustrate the concept of loving our neighbors. Then tell about someone who was a good Samaritan to you. Ask class or family members to think of a neighbor who might need their love and service.

    • “Teaching, Preaching, Healing,” page 12: Elder Jeffrey R. Holland reminds gospel teachers that “these are God’s students, not yours,” and He is willing to pour out His Spirit upon teachers so that their students, His students, can be healed. Ask class or family members how they would listen if the Lord were their teacher. Remind them that if they listen in this way, the Lord will be their teacher, through the Holy Ghost. What does listening to the Spirit have to do with submitting to the will of the Father?

    • “To Do His Best,” page F7: Discuss the message of the poem Benjamin Platt quoted to his friend, that our only test in life is to do our best. Ask class or family members what it means to do our best.

    From the Distribution Center

    Did you know that the Gospel Art Picture Kit (item no. 34730) is available to help members teach the gospel at home and in church? Each picture in the kit includes an explanation of the scriptural, doctrinal, or historical event it portrays. The pictures and their accompanying information can be easily adapted into family home evening and Sunday School lessons, Primary talks, or seminary devotionals. Check with your local distribution center for availability and price.

    He Laid His Hands upon a Few Sick Folk, by James J. Tissot