“Be Thou an Example”

It is always a joy to read the Liahona (German). An address by President Thomas S. Monson, “‘Be Thou an Example’” in the January 2002 issue, especially appealed to me.

We used to live in Bad Driburg, and as a pensioner I had the opportunity from time to time to pass out mineral water at a local spa. Once a lady there shared with me her belief that everything was going wrong in her life. I tried to encourage her to trust in God.

On a later occasion she told me she had recently seen a TV program about Latter-day Saints. She explained that the people on the program were like I was: friendly, open-minded, courteous, radiating something special. I told her, “I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

She looked at me in surprise and said, “I would like to know more about your church.”

I learned through this experience to follow this counsel from President Monson’s article:

“1. Fill your mind with truth;

“2. Fill your heart with love;

“3. Fill your life with service” (Liahona, Jan. 2002, 115).
Albert Zimmer
Kaiserslautern Branch, Mannheim Germany Stake

Strengthening Families

Every time the Liahona (Spanish) comes, my wife and I read it within a week. My family has been strengthened by reading the Liahona. One of the parts we like most is the First Presidency Message. We also like the stories from members and the children’s section. I like learning from other readers in the Questions and Answers section and applying their insights in my life. The Liahona is a blessing in our home.
Juan Alberto Arce
Silver Spring (Spanish) Ward, Silver Spring Maryland Stake

Black-and-White Liahonas

Ever since I joined the Church I have subscribed to the Liahona (Spanish). My 10-year-old daughter loves The Friend. She really has fun with the colorful pages. But the Liahonas I like best come in black and white; they are the general conference issues. My daughter is sad when they come, but I tell her, “Here are the General Authorities of the Church. Their talks are truly inspiring.”

I also enjoy the News of the Church, where I find information about the Church’s progress. The magazine has brought about a beautiful change in my life.
Libia Coromoto Mejía Montilla
Coro Second Branch, Falcón Venezuela District