Some were baptized but didn't have the Holy Ghost

Many people in Samaria heard and believed the gospel and were baptized. But they did not have the Holy Ghost. Acts 8:5, 12–16

Peter and John gave the Holy Ghost

Peter and John went to Samaria. They laid their hands on the people’s heads and gave them the Holy Ghost. Acts 8:14–17

A man wanted the priesthood power

A man named Simon saw Peter and John give people the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Simon knew that the two Apostles had the power of the priesthood. He wanted the power of the priesthood too. Acts 8:9, 18–19

He would pay money for it.  Peter told him to repent

He asked them if he could buy it. Peter told Simon that no one can buy the priesthood, that God gives it only to righteous men. Peter knew that Simon was not righteous and told him to repent. Acts 8:18–24

Illustrations by Robert T. Barrett