“Bound in Heaven”

For a time the Prophet Joseph Smith could not meet openly with the Saints because of persecution. But on 1 September 1842 the Prophet addressed the Saints in a letter. This letter is now section 127 of the Doctrine and Covenants, and it contains important directions on baptism for the dead:

“Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you concerning your dead: When any of you are baptized for your dead, let there be a recorder, and let him be eye-witness of your baptisms; let him hear with his ears, that he may testify of a truth, saith the Lord;

“That in all your recordings it may be recorded in heaven; whatsoever you bind on earth, may be bound in heaven; whatsoever you loose on earth, may be loosed in heaven” (D&C 127:6–7).

The Saints were excited to be able to perform baptisms for those who had passed away. These instructions from the Prophet helped them keep accurate records. Recording the names of those who have received ordinances is still an important part of temple work.

Test Your Knowledge

After four years of preparation, Joseph Smith went to Hill Cumorah early one morning in September and received the gold plates. Joseph then began the important work of translating the Book of Mormon. How much do you know about the translation and original publication of the Book of Mormon?

  1. Joseph Smith first received the gold plates in the month of September. Do you know the day and year?
    a. 21 September 1822
    b. 22 September 1823
    c. 22 September 1827

  2. Although Joseph Smith had the gold plates for well over a year, he did not work on the translation every day. About how many working days did it take to translate the Book of Mormon?
    a. 60
    b. 80
    c. 100

  3. A number of people served as scribes at different times. Who helped Joseph Smith with the largest section of the Book of Mormon?
    a. Martin Harris
    b. Oliver Cowdery
    c. Emma Smith


It Happened in September

Following are a few significant events that happened in Church history during the month of September.

17 September 1846:The remaining Nauvoo Saints were driven from the city in violation of a treaty of surrender. The siege leading up to the surrender became known as the Battle of Nauvoo.

24 September 1860:The last of 10 groups of handcart pioneers to cross the plains between 1856 and 1860 arrived in Salt Lake City.

13 September 1898:President Lorenzo Snow was set apart as fifth President of the Church. He was 84.

Clockwise from top left: Photograph of Cardston Alberta Canada Temple baptistry © Intellectual Reserve, Inc., no reproduction authorized or permitted; Joseph Smith Translating the Book of Mormon, by Del Parson; photograph of Lorenzo Snow; The Handcart Family, by Minerva K. Teichert; The Battle of Nauvoo, by C. C. A. Christensen, © Courtesy of Brigham Young University Museum of Art, all rights reserved

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