Using the September 2003 Liahona

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    Discussion Ideas

    • “Teaching by Faith,” p. 10: Elder Robert D. Hales cautions parents and teachers that they cannot will children to have faith. “Faith comes from the inside,” he explains, “based upon our desire to receive it and to exercise it in our lives.” What can we do to help children desire to have faith? How can we best prepare them to weather the storms that will surely come into their lives?

    • “Unto the Least,” p. 44: A stake president tells about Relief Society sisters visiting a local hospital. He likens the experiences they had to specific passages of scripture. Discuss how stories from the scriptures can inspire you to perform acts of service. Perhaps you could choose one particular scriptural experience and use it as a pattern for planning a service project for your class or family.

    • “Tracks in the Snow,” p. F2: Read with your class or family the story President Thomas S. Monson tells. Discuss the meaning of the phrase “With God all things are possible” (Matt. 19:26).

    From the Distribution Center

    Did you know that Book of Mormon Stories (item no. 35666), a book for families with younger children, is available in many languages? This publication contains illustrated Book of Mormon stories told in a simplified manner for young readers or for parents who wish to read these scripture stories to their children. These illustrated stories can also be used for Sharing Time or for family home evening lessons. Contact your local distribution center or your ward or branch leaders for ordering and price information.

    Photograph by Craig Dimond, posed by models