Trying to Be like Jesus


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    “He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life” (John 8:12).

    The Primary Lesson

    When I was eight years old, my Primary teacher gave a lesson that confused me. She said that after we die, we will be able to remember all the things we did while on the earth.

    After class when I was going to sacrament meeting, I saw a little girl who was sad. Her parents were not around, so I knew she was lost. I played with her for a minute, but sacrament meeting was starting and I knew I should go in. I started to go into the chapel, but then I remembered what my teacher said. Her lesson started to make sense. Heavenly Father and Jesus would know what I did. I knew that I should help that little girl.

    I went back to get her. And soon her dad came back and found her. I’m grateful for Jesus’ example. And I’m grateful to my teacher for the lesson that helped me so much.

    [illustrations] Detail from Christ and the Children, by Harry Anderson; illustrated by Kathryn Mitter

    Jessica Mafra Fradique, age 11, is a member of the Educandário Ward, São Paulo Brazil Raposo Tavares Stake.