Scriptures and Liahona Meet Spiritual Needs

I am 19 years old and was baptized four years ago. I am grateful that I am a member of this true Church. I have received so many blessings from reading the scriptures and the Church magazines. I am so thankful for having access to the Liahona. My testimony is strengthened from reading it, and I gain more knowledge about the Church in different parts of the world. I love my scriptures and the Liahona because they meet my spiritual needs.
Emelyn M. Quinit, Rosario Ward, Agoo Philippines Stake

Liahona Brings Comfort and Joy

The Liahona brings comfort and joy to those who read and ponder it. In everyday life we often face difficulties, but God answers our needs through our prophet and other Church leaders.

I liked very much the March 2003 Liahona. Its messages have given me solid support. If we obey these principles and put them into practice, we can improve our lives and receive rich blessings.
Saskia Carra Pierre-Louis, Centrale Ward, Port-au-Prince Haiti Stake

Good and Profitable

Every time the Liahona arrives, I become happy because it teaches good and profitable principles. The parts I most like to read are Questions and Answers, the First Presidency Message, and News of the Church. I feel very grateful that the Church was restored and that I am a member.
Geruza Silva dos Santos, Expedicionários Ward, Fortaleza Brazil Montese Stake

Decided to Serve

When I saw the cover of the October 2001 Liahona, I decided to serve a mission. It was the special missionary issue, and as I prepared spiritually and physically, I found in the Liahona everything I needed to know about a mission.

I love to read the magazine from cover to cover, especially Latter-day Saint Voices. These experiences strengthen my testimony.
Elder David Ávalos Banda, México Veracruz Mission

Artwork by Sami San Juan Rambao, age 8, and Adrian C. Vega Franco, age 8