Family Home Evening Ideas

“Submitting Our Will to the Father’s,”p. 30: Discuss the concept that in our natural, fallen state we have desires and tendencies to do things that are not pleasing to God. Ask how we can overcome these temptations. Help family members understand that we cannot win this battle alone. In order to “have no more disposition to do evil,” we must repent and invite the Savior to change our hearts through the power of His Atonement (see Mosiah 5:2).

“Protecting Your Child from Gang Influence,”p. 26, and “Outnumbered,” p. 29: As parents, read and discuss the article by Dennis J. Nordfelt. Talk with your children about their friends. Express your love for your children, and help them gain a testimony of their eternal potential. Bear testimony that Heavenly Father loves them and wants them to return to Him someday. If you feel inspired to do so, share Paolo Martin N. Macariola’s story. Emphasize that it took great courage for this young man to choose the right group of friends.

“All Is Well,”p. 16: Read about William Clayton and the hymn he called “All Is Well.” Ask how it is possible for all to be well even when we are experiencing trials and troubles.

“Knowing Who You Are,”p. F2: President James E. Faust points out that talents and accomplishments don’t necessarily make us feel good about ourselves, but deeds of kindness do. Ask family members how they feel when they serve others. Discuss kind deeds they might perform for others.

“Courage and a Kind Word,”p. F10: Read with your family the story of Evan Stephens. Talk about the difference President Brigham Young’s kind words made in Evan’s life. If you have a Latter-day Saint hymnbook, have the children see if they can find hymns by Evan Stephens.