Family Home Evening Ideas

“The Divine Touch,” p. 10: Tell some of the stories in Elder M. Russell Ballard’s article. Give family members a few minutes to think of someone they know who has a special need. Have them write down something they can do during the coming week to help meet that need.

“A Christmas Cross-Stitch,” p. 16: Read this story together; then ask family members what the possibility of having an eternal family means to them. Family members could perhaps randomly select one another’s names and express in specific terms why they want to be close to that particular family member forever. These expressions of love may be one of the best Christmas presents your family receives this year.

“How Could I Testify?” p. 20: Elder Hans H. Mattsson describes the challenge of going on a mission with no language training. Tell your family about an experience from your own life in which the Lord has required something difficult of you. Explain how weak things can become strong with the Lord’s help.

“More Than a Farm Boy,” p. 37: Discuss with your family one or more aspects of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s life and mission. Testify to the truthfulness of his mission and of the Book of Mormon.

“A Cabbage for Christmas,” p. F12: Have family members portray the story about Annie going to find a cabbage. Ask family members to think of Christmas traditions that are related to the Savior’s birth and mission. As a family, think of a new tradition that would remind you of the true meaning of Christmas.

“Keep the Commandments,” p. F16: Tell your children the story of Abinadi. Explain that sometimes the Lord asks us to do things that are difficult. Ask if they find it difficult to keep some of the commandments. Talk about the blessings that come from obedience.